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Ashley Ann Kendall

5935 New Peachtree Rd Doraville, Ga 30340


10 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi, Ashley I am the Acteens Coordinator at Enon Baptist Church in Easley and we are going to be reading about you this month. Do you have any advice for the girls who may be lead to be a missionary? We go on mission trips and some of the girls have been involved in these trips.

    1. Hey Joy,

      My advice would just be to get out there and do it.

      Turn what your passion is into a ministry. I love the education side of things so my ministry is helping elementary school children with their homework.

      Whatever you like can be turned into a mission.

      Remember, it’s all about those 1-on-1 relationships. First just be friends with people and have fun with them doing what you love. Then pray for them to ask you a question of a spiritual nature.

      Don’t be surprised if the next day they ask you about Jesus.

      Good luck.


  2. Hi! My name is Emily! You are pretty! Im an Acteen!

    Hey my name is Lauren! I am an Acteen at Salem Baptist Church in Shelbyville, Kentucky! I really like what you do! I hope i can do that one day! You are so good with kids! Please write back!!!!!!!

    hi my name is ellyn! We love what you do.i love working with kids too:)

    Thank you so much,
    LOve Salem Baptist Acteens!!!!!

  3. I would like too start a program at cumberland crossing i,am a member at East Side Baptist 989-274-5187GOD BLESS

    1. Hello Rodney!

      You said you’re a member at East Side Baptist (Is this the Marietta location?) and would like to start a program at Cumberland Crossing Apartments.

      You should get in touch with my dad, Tim Cummins. He’s the big picture guy who sets the missions up. I’m including him in this message.

      Would you be interested in joining a mission program that’s already started in your area?

      Check out and click on the Marietta Map, on the right hand column, to see if there are any others near you.

      I like the education side of things so my main focus is after school tutoring. What area are you interested in doing?

      Thanks so much for getting in contact and I hope to get you plugged in real soon.



  4. Hey Ashley! Olivia here! I was with the rocky bayou team last week, I was really disappointed because I could not say goodby!!!! Hope your doing well!
    P.S. Doing you know what your having? How was your gender reveal party?

  5. Hey Ashley, We are doing Team Kid’s at our church and watched how you are loving people for Jesus. Thanks for being God’s tool. Karen in Norman, OK

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