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Wildfires and Memory Verses

Daddy and I went to eat Spiced Right together today. Then we looked at the collection of shirts at Goodwill. We found some really good ones. Afterwards we went to the Antique mall. I love just roaming around looking for treasures. Dad found a lot of good stuff, he even got an old fashioned oil lamp. I found a book of 101 stories for the kids to read at Kensington.

Picked up Mo and we drove towards Kensington. We hit 78 and BAM! Miles of traffic. I had to drive backwards on the shoulder and off road to get onto the ramp to get out of that situation. Turns out the brush on the side of the road had caught fire.

The kids and I memorized Deuteronomy 7:9 today. Take a look at the video here.



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