Future Plan

How to move people to action?


-William Simon Glover

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil



Do a little something for somebody. Even if they don’t need it.




Accountability? Do you need it? It helps me when I tell people my goals, I also have inner goals I keep to myself and I still happily apply effort.

Think about the Future Self. Take action from the future. Identify from the future. Generate the VISION! EXCITEMENT! EMOTION!

Abundance in the world.

Possible things are things we’ve already done. Achieve impossible things.

Must believe, tell you brain that it’s possible, expand your vision. Starts the thought process to belief.


Some people light their own fires and forage the way.


DAY TO DAY Protocol

I will make 25 offers today. I might fail in the result but I DID NOT fail taking the action of the protocol. I will continue to take action.


Fail my way there.


Are you willing to keep taking the action?

Believe the long game action. Build the momentum. Even when there’s no immediate evidence. Dismal results.



Thoughts for the day.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!!



Ashley in Atlanta


Completion – Ta-Da List! 

Good morning friends!


The energy of completion, helps drive you forward.

A treat when you get to the end… reveling in the ritual.

We have girls night at the same place every year. For years we’ve meet up at the wine bar and enjoyed sitting outside on the porch or inside during a storm. Lots of laughs have been had around those tables. If you’re into wine, they do have a quiet the selection in their library.

When I was in school, all through college, I would keep all my notes and tests together. At the end of the year, after all the studying I would chuck it all down and the heft of it was the satisfying part. The completion of the course, the knowledge gained.

It’s still fun. I have notebooks full of projects I’m working on.

Happy Friday.




Ultimate Happiness Project- One Word for the Year

Over forty-four percent of American’s make New Year’s Resolutions but how many actually follow through?

This year I’m using the word theme to help me figure out what I want to accomplish in 2019. I’m dropping all the lists and resolutions and picking one word to focus on.

Some examples of word themes might be…Free time, Novel, Home, New Endeavors,Upgrade- Improve processes in Life, Uplift, Adventure, Health.


With over 200,000 words in the English language it can be hard to choose. To help narrow it down become self-aware on what went well in 2018 and what did not go well.

My word this year is UPLIFE! I want to upgrade every aspect of my life.  Upgrade my business, the ministry, upgrade my intelligence through Duolingo and Coursera…

I also like the idea of a Couples Word Theme. Working as a team and expanding our lives together and become accountability partners. For Miles and I we want to work on being debt free. So our word for the year will be Debt free.

Discover what the impact of one word can be.

What will your Word Theme be for 2019?


Clinch River BC!

Hello friends!

We’ve got the Clinch River Tennessee team here with us today!

Briefed them and then onto the Farmer’s market.

Missions in the afternoon!

Just finished a run with the girls, Penelope, Frankie and Evie on the way!

Todays the last day to join the 14 Days Until the FOURTH Fitness Challenge! Comment your email below to get added!





Catering! Perimeter! Mission!

Hello friends!

J, Dad, the P and I met for lunch. Vietnamese is always tasty.

Then onto shoot the video for FBC Mcdonough.

Meeting with Perimeter peeps and ministry in Brookhaven.

Started planning our layout for the Double Decade Dinner.

Missions with these crazy kids!

unnamed-4 unnamed-1 unnamed-5 unnamed-3 unnamed-2 unnamed Finished the financial report and turned that in.

Also printed out and wrote a birthday letter to Ashley.

Home now to finish cooking burger with caramelized onions and pineapples with Milo.




Home! Team! Atlanta Pregnancy Resources!

Hello friends!

Getting back into the groove after the long weekend.

Signed up a team today for Saturday.

Got on the phone with Britax to return a piece I thought Delta had lost, turns up they were in the stroller pocket.

Meet Dad at the mission and had a meeting with Daphne and Matt from the Atlanta Pregnancy Resource Center. We’re partnering with them to help serve the women and families in our area.

Homework help with the kids!


Finally home to cook dinner with the family.




Mission! BofA!

Hello there!

P and I dropped off support checks at the bank for Whirlwind.

Then off to the mission! LOTS of long subtraction today. I like Dad in the background doing Papi tricks.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed


Milo cooked salmon with an Ethiopian twist using Berbere spice. Really good. Salmon has been one of Ps favorite dishes.




Mountain! Cleaning! Cooking!

Hello friends!

P and I had another fantastic climb and swim at Stone Mountain. She was napping so I was able to do twenty laps.


Cleaned the house. I know it’s weird to say, but I LOVE MY VACUUM! It gets all the baseboards so clean! When you have a little bae that crawls around the house, this is exciting stuff.

unnamed unnamed-5 unnamed-4 unnamed-1

Cooked ribs with Uncle Kev and Milo!

unnamed-6 unnamed-2





Susan Gunderson! AZ! Mountain! Invites!

Hello friends!

Had fun the other day with Susan. Dad, P and I always have fun taking people around the village.

Climbed the mountain with P. I used to love horseback riding. Now I’m the horse.


Finished cutting out all the invites for our Double Decade Dinner on Sept. 10th at 6:30! Put those in the mail.

unnamed unnamed-1

Worked on the inputting donor support and expenses for Whirlwind.

Off to Azalea to see the kids!

Home now to cook salmon and bok choy with Miles.




The Gathering Team!

Hello friends!

Got some bad news that our Florida team’s bus broke down. They had to wait for their other vans to get them. They’ll be doing us tomorrow.

Our Chickamauga team was here though! We briefed them on how to round up the chillins.

IMG_2411-XL IMG_2407-XL IMG_2403-XL

Then on to the safari!


IMG_2437-XL IMG_2434-XL

P was too shy to kiss the frozen goat head.



IMG_2467-XL IMG_2453-XL IMG_2466-XL IMG_2456-XL IMG_2444-XL




Global Mall! Al Madina!

Namaste friends!

Briefed the team on Islam, Judaism and Christianity this morning.

IMG_2139-X2 IMG_2131-X2 IMG_2143-X2 IMG_2147-X2

Then on to Global Mall and Al Madina.

IMG_2156-X2 IMG_2160-X2 IMG_2148-X2 IMG_2150-X2 IMG_2149-X2 IMG_2161-X2 IMG_2163-X2 IMG_2155-X2

Lunch at Ashiana’s Indian was awesome.


IMG_2166-X2 IMG_2167-X2


Walmart for ink and then home to print out the engagement letter for our CPA and Tax Exemption letter for our church partners.

Mailed letters to friends.


Miles and I started watching Angie Tribeca. Hilarious. Reminds me of Danger Five.




Asian Square!


Briefed our team on Buddhism and Hinduism today.

IMG_2065-X2 IMG_2057-X2 IMG_2060-X2

Penelope loves rolling around in her wheelie walker in the fellowship hall.


Then over to Asian Square for the Buddhist store, Chinese bakery and Vietnamese pharmacy.

IMG_2087-X2 IMG_2085-X2 IMG_2089-X2 IMG_2093-X2 IMG_2082-X2 IMG_2088-X2 IMG_2081-X2

Lunch at Penang!

IMG_2097-X2 IMG_2094-X2 IMG_2096-X2



IMG_2098-X2 IMG_2113-X2 IMG_2119-X2 IMG_2110-X2 IMG_2112-X2 IMG_2120-X2 IMG_2109-X2

Got P some new baby food flavors and a shade for the car window.

Admin work and trying to get the audit squared away for the churches.




Mountain View BC!

Hello friends!

Great to be back with the teams! We briefed them.

IMG_2000-X2 IMG_2005-X2 IMG_2006-X2


Then on to the farmer’s market.

IMG_2011-X2 IMG_2009-X2 IMG_2012-X2



IMG_2027-X2 IMG_2038-X2 IMG_2031-X2 IMG_2030-X2 IMG_2024-X2 IMG_2034-X2 IMG_2040-X2 IMG_2033-X2 IMG_2036-X2 IMG_2051-X2 IMG_2041-X2 IMG_2029-X2 IMG_2021-X2

Called Will, he’s helping us get our audit together for the churches.

Called another team leader, hope to sign them up for the last days in July.




Letters! USBs! Medical Bills!

Hello friends!

Wrote thank you letters to supporters today.


Worked on getting the slideshow on USBs for Dad to use while I’m at the beach with Milo and baby.


Dad and I went over to Dekalb Medical Hospital to see if I could get any discount towards my bill. Miles and I saved to the expected birth expenses, but it was the unexpected broken arm and NICU that hit us hard. They were willing to give us a 35% discount if I pay big chunks in the next three months.

Filled out applications for foundations to apply for more help.

Called Will Geer to get his help with Whirlwind’s audit for the grant applications.

Worked on getting some of Whirlwind’s quickbooks reconciled.

Website work for the lawyer.

Now home with lil P.




Grant Application! Letters! Financial Report! Mountain! Meatballs!

Hello there!

Worked for about two hours on the Dunwoody BC grant application. It’s gotten SO much HARDER since Obama started cracking down on non profits. We have to get audits, prepare more financial reports and join the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. Whoosh! Not my forte!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.34.24 PM

Had to take a break and go climb the mountain. P loved that!

unnamed unnamed-1 unnamed-2

Came back and finished the financial report for Whirlwind.

Wrote thank you letters to supporters. Also shipped a gift to Keri and Bobby to use on their cross-country road trip!

Cooked a delicious dinner! Turkish lamb meatballs on couscous. So good! I loved the little bit of honey in the tomato sauce.

Gave P a bath and put her in her crib. When I turned around look who was standing up?!

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