Gift Swap with Anna

The kids are still out of school so Mo and I enjoyed hiking up Stone Mountain.

We picked Miles up for lunch at Madina. That Chop Chop chicken and Beas (peas) is soo  tasty. It inspires me to cook more.

I studied my Bible and did some reading. Put my bed frame together…

I wrapped a ton of presents to give away to the Kensington kids this week.

Anna came over and we swapped gifts. She got some some yummy white citrus shea butter that I like and some shower gel. I do love to smell good.

Practiced my Nirvana song on guitar thanks to my wonderful teacher: Miles.

Had to take my car into the shop. Too bad. It needed a tune up really bad that costs around $700-800 and it needs new tires one of them has a nail in it. Booo!

Thank you so much for your support that takes care of missionaries like me. Without your help how could I drive down to teach my flock?



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