Fahim and Souls

Some how Fahim, a student of mine at the mission, got on the subject of death and burining bodies.

“Did you know that people get burned up after they die?” Fahim asked astonished.

“Well, you know  as Christians we believe that our souls leave our bodies when we die and we go up to Heaven. It’s ok that our earlthly bodies die because it doesn’t last forever…only our spirt does.” I tell him.

Fahim shakes his head ” oh yeah I know… I know.” We get back to his science homework about microorganisms.

But maybe he did or maybe he didn’t know what Christians believed. But always be sensitive for divine appointments that God sets up for you.

If you like this blog you’ll like my Dad’s too.

Went to the Relapse Comedy Theater tonight. Russ, Tyler, Raelyn, you were hilarious.

Shadowing Rakoczy again tomorrow.

Cowboy church Saturday! Can’t wait.

While surfing in BISM classs today (don’t tell my professor) I discovered a new favorite site.



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