Seder at Cowboy Church in Jerusalem, GA

The whole family drove up to Jerusalem, Georgia to participate in the Messianic Jewish seder at Cowboy church.

This is the first one I’ve ever been to and it was an amazing experience.

We ate bitter horseradish to remind us of the bitter times the Herbrew people faced leaving Egypt.

Here is the Rabbi Gary’s daughter explaining some of the foods.

Then they brought out the Passover lamb. He was SO cute. The rabbi explained that the Hebrew children would bring the baby lamb in and hand raise it for 10 days. They would develope a personal relationship with this animal but after the 10 days they would have to sacrifice it for Passover. This was to remind them of the personal relationship we have with Jesus and his life as a sacrifice for our sins.

We didn’t kill the little guy though.

Of course I loved being around the horses again.

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