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Biking and the Jamaican Dinner Party

Miles and I biked about 4 miles around the neighborhood.

My legs are going to be sore tomorrow.

I hosted a dinner party at my house for a couple of girlfriends.

The whole party cost under $100!

I catered brown rice with peas, sweet plantains, steamed cabbage, jerk chicken and ginner beers from a local restaurant down the street.

For the decorations I printed out my own Jamaican flags and brought out the pink christmas light and candles to set the mood.

I also went to the local grocery store and bought some flowers on sale.

For the table setting I rolled silverware in white napkins tied up with ribbon.

I got these plates for free at an estates sale because the lady thought they were SO ugly. I think they turned out cute though, don’t you?

To complete the mood I made a reggae playlist with Bob Marley, Pepper and Sublime. And CatchPhrase makes everything fun.

The girls and I had a really nice time enjoying the food, music and atmosphere.

Join us for the next dinner party!



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