Miles’ Mama’s Birthday at the Beach

Happy birthday to little momo Cheryl..haaapppy birthday to you!

Miles and his Dad went to the beach earlier this morning while I enjoyed sleeping in.

For Miles’ Mo’s birthday we went to the Dinosaur store and museum.

Then over to Ron Jon’s surf shop. Cocoa Beach is home to this extreme sports store.

I bought some tiny foil postcards to send to friends back home.

After our adventures, we went back to the condo for the surprise party.  Pops surprised her with a great saddle bag from Coach.

Miles and I got her an African mask.

Went out to the Lobster Shanty for a birthday dinner. From the outside it looks like a tiny little shanty…but the inside it quiet an elegant little restaurant.

The gator tail was good with the fried corn fritters and powdered sugar.

Larry the Lobster.

The pier outside was awesome.

My shoes falling apart…boo. I really do look like a beach bum now.

After dinner walk on the beach.



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