The High Muesum and Climbing Stone Mountain

Miles and I woke up early and enjoyed coffee in Stone Mountain Village. In the background we could hear people playing bagpipes at the church.

I liked this mailbox.

Goats with beards always make me crack a smile.

We REALLY enjoyed eating Madina with the family. It’s been a while since the five of us have been together.

They have the best Chai.

Then Dad, J, Milo and I visited the High Muesum of Modern Art.

Sweet Dad and Jesse.

Climbed beautiful Stone Mountain.

the craters look like the surface of the moon.


I’ve really enjoyed the Instagram app for iPhone.




Ate some Muzaz Boregi at Cafe Istanbul. Yumbo!



About to watch The Machinist with Milo.

Looking forward to Dad preaching tomorrow at Rockbridge.



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