Azalea and Lynsie’s Adventure Binder!

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be my early days if you think being in class by 10 a.m. is early. I look forward to the creative writing class. It seems to be more of a workshop where we all read our work and have our peers evaluate it.

Geology is always fascinating to me. Historical Geology, the class I’m enrolled in, is about the history of the Earth.

Azalea was fun! We laughed LOUD and a lot today! Mo said she could hear us down the street.


Here’s what my notebook looks like after a day at the mission.


The kids had fun taking pictures and trying out the different filters on my iPhone.

Jesse, Miles and I tried to help Mohosana and her Mom with their computer and printer. The computer had a virus so it didn’t work. Bad luck!














Miles and his favorite animals, bears!

Went to Lynsie’s to give her her adventure binder.


We’re going to go to a glass painting workshop.

I liked her house lights.

Here’s another choice for the bridesmaid dresses. (In coral though…)



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