AZ the Invitations

Creative writing at 10 a.m. I passed out copies of my favorite selection from Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast for Champions.

The class enjoyed it. The teacher told us to put SATIRE in our writer’s tool belts, but I left my belt at home.

Geogloy at one.The teacher goes off on other cavets about CaCo3 and other Carbon based organisms. Learning about Fossils is cool though.


Miles juiced fresh oranges today. Mmm frothy goodness from the Breville juicer…


Ayline, Fabilo and I enjoyed creating foto framed pictured and WE enjoyed learning about pronouns.

Sweet Fabiola.




LOVE my brother.


Sent out invitations for the Mother Daughter Eats and Beats Music party. Mama, look for it in the mail stream.






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