Azalea Kids’ Concert

Enjoyed helping Elizabeth with her homework. She’s so smart she doesn’t really need my help, but she likes me to check her work.


Giselle was having fun stomping her little pink shoes in the rain puddles outside the mission.


After dinner with Dad, we went to the kids’ elementary school to listen to their band concert.

It was fun to cheer them on.


Miles and I LOVE those kids!



Miles is so good to come to volunteer at the mission after a long day of cutting down bamboo for the pandas at Zoo Atlanta.

Is this bedroom amazing or what?


Did you know that Ashley and I went to learn handgun safety last week?

My mom and I love pigs.


How could you not after that picture?

This looks like a easy craft for the mission kids to learn words with.

Finished the financial report. Looking forward to watching some of season three of In Plain Sight.



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