Vows Celebration Invitations and Jessica’s Going Away Party

Got a lot done this weekend! Spring cleaning means changing out the old, dirty AC vent for a new one.

Got a dryer vent that fits. Now all the hot air goes outside. Whew! Ate a delicious lunch to celebrate.

Miles and I are weird…

After designing the invitations for our celebration in June, it’s time to print and cut them out. Went to Staples and got the supplies for around $50.



Had fun with Jess and everybody at her family’s going away party. I can’t believe they’re leaving Wednesday….headed back to Kansas where she grew up.

Miles is going to be in Brian’s, a childhood friend’s, wedding. He got a sharp beach suit.

Then, for a gift, he and his dad made a bamboo wind chime from the bamboo he cut down at work.


I had fun talking with his Mom.



GREAT! Steak tips dinner. Miles, you’re an amazing cook.

Finishing up the Invitations project.



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