Smokerise Ladies Mission Group and Azalea

This morning I meet Mama and Aunt Ann and Orene at Smokrise BC. We enjoyed learning about missions in Appalachia, TN. The missionary was telling us that it’s very dangerous up in the mountains, not because of bears but because of Meth cookers who will shoot you on site.

Then Mo and I spoke about what Whirlwind Mission is doing this summer. We have over 250 students coming in one week!




Happy 98th birthday to one of our great supporters, Mrs. Tommie Benifield.


Dropped the Lumina off at T&G. They said her front brakes were obliterated! Thank you Lord for keeping me safe! It’s going to cost about $800 to fix it. Good thing I got some graduation money.



Ate lunch with Mom and Dad then Dad and I ran some errands. We picked up a white board to help us map out which mission complexes each team is going to. The big team with the BIG bus is a little more complicated.


Then off to see the kids!

I laughed at how Neyten tried to spell spaghetti.

Miles…always willing to help.





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