Setting up for Summer Teams


Dad and I finished setting up the apartment complexes for the Mobilizing Students teams and Asbury Baptist Church. We also worked on the bus route for the Greyhound sized rigs.

After checking off about 22 apartments we stopped for a Yoforia break!

Then off to see the kids. I helped Fabiola with a book report.

I liked Magley’s drawings.


I LOVE my new globe.

Our fridge died, so Ted brought over a new one. Dirty but two doors and it has an ice maker.


About to update some of the maps.


Miles loves these Mini Bull Terriors. If I got one, I’d name him Ernest or Ralph.

This poor dog did NOT want a haircut.


Yesterday I found a picture of Miles when he was 16. We’d just started dating.

View from my kitchen window.

What I wish the view from my kitchen window was.




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