Wedding Decorations, New Work and Day with the Rents

Why hello there! Feeling a lot better today than yesterday. Sleep is a wonderful healer. Before Dad and Mom picked me up for work, I finished setting up all the wedding decorations.

I put river stones, moss, flowers and tea lights into different jars. Then I organized them by tables for a quick set up.

After lunch, we talked to the managers at Highland Corners, Bella Apartments and Standford Village. We’re looking forward to working with them when the Perimeter team comes in July.


Always a good time with the best missionaries I know!

The Chinese team is doing a fabulous job at Azalea. Today I sat with the girls as we made bird feeders. Jocelyn asked me if I was born in 1957. I just looked at her and laughed.

Lynsie got back last night from Ireland, so we went to welcome her back to the States.



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