PureFUN! and Azalea

Had a great meeting with Katie Homeyer at PureFUN! We talked about the whole t-shirt process and how I should go about marketing the shirts with the summer teams.

I took a lot of notes.


Talked with Steve Sanders at Sharon BC and set up a time to go and speak in Novemeber.
Started watching Citizen Kane. Looking forward to finishing it.


Meet Dad early at the FBCD. We moved some computers in and brought some things from Azalea to make room for Jesse.

We got his room all set up at the mission. Pray that he enjoys living there. I know the kids will like having him close.

Moved the games to the kitchen.

Worked on homework with the kids.


I love when they help each other.

I liked Manquibuers elephant bracelet.

There was a great turnout at the ESL classes today.

Miles made delicious stuffed peppers for dinner.



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