New MacBook Air!

WOOO HOO! My six year old macbook died last night. I hope I can recover all the InDesign maps I’ve created over the years. :( BUT I got a brand new MacBook Air this afternoon!

It’s a beauty. I’ve only had it out of the box for an hour now and I really love the user interface, the backlit keyboard, just the whole thing in general.


Worked with the fifth graders. 


I love the village feeling at Azalea.


Ate dinner with the family.

Then picked up the newsletters.

After a year of planning, building and filling, Justin’s tank is finally finished!

Anna did a chemical peel on me. Not too painful and she’s right, I really can see results right away! 

Then we ironed on a picture of Chi Chi for her mom’s birthday. 

Jesse and I went and saw Dreed tonight. It was bloody yet beautiful. I highly recommend watching it in 3D.


Drew a new picture on the chalk board! I’m reading Plague Dogs and this reminds me of Snitter.



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