New Hair! Emails and Azalea

Hello! I had a fun weekend with my girlfriends. Anna helped me dye my hair back to my natural color.




Ash and I had fun spending the night together just like old times.

Answered emails, signed up teams and talked to Mrs. Judy at Gateway BC about the upcoming missions conference.

Also tried to fill out Milo and I’s taxes.

Installed a kitchen soap dispenser. Really easy!

My headlight went out. I went to the autoparts store and installed it myself!

The kids had fun writing in Jesse’s notebook.

I had a good time helping Sakib, from Bangaldesh, with his math and social studies work.

Darlene and I are good friends!

Dad’s been great working with the kids on their solar system project.

Just got home and Milo’s made loaded nachos! Yumbo!

Looking forward to horseback riding tomorrow.



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