Wes Bender and the YMCA Team


Finished the financial report today.

Mailed off 23 & Me for Milo.

He’s gotten sick with some kind of bug. Please pray for him.

Hung out with Wes Bender and his YMCA team. They’re looking to partner with Whirlwind Missions during the summer. So we drove around and visited some potential locations.

Donated my computer to David Fowler. He’s a big supporter of ours and a really prayed up guy.

Talked to Stacey from Funston Baptist Church. He’s bringing a team this summer.

Also filled out a form for a missions conference I’m speaking at in Tennessee in March.

Worked with the kids on their math and L.A. packets.

Home now to take care of Miles and prepare for my speaking engagement with Shirley Hills Baptist Church.



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