First Hattiesburg, Azalea and Camping!

Hello there!

We had a fun weekend with friends. On Saturday Ashley, Lynsie and I buried our time capsule.

Jesse and Miles even wrote letters to our future selves to throw in too.

Then we had fun cooking brots and smores and camping in Ashley’s backyard.

Today Dad and I had a presite visit with the First Hattiesburg church team. We went to Plaza Fiesta.

Then onto the farmer’s market.

Whirlwind tradition, kissing the frozen pig head.

I always find new things.

And I hear this is a heathy alternative in cooking.

We also went by Comfort Inn to square away all the lodging details.

I liked this bunny on the moon.

Fun to see the kids today after a week of spring break. Not much homework since they have testing this week. 

Dad does magic coin tricks for the kids.



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