Sweet Mo’s Birthday! Marietta and work with Dad!


A BIG happy birthday to my sweet Mama! I ran over to CIBC to see her this morning. I didn’t have a birthday cake so I gave her a birthday BBQ sandwich.

Wrote some letters of thanks to the Tennessee peeps.

Hung out with Dad today. We went up to Marietta for lunch with Trey Sapp and his team from Eastside BC.

Then we walked around old Marietta square. I like it, it reminds me of Georgetown in Texas.

Tried this new Dasani water with drops. Surprisingly good!

Dad and I both got new flip flops! He also bought me some Hibiscus flowers and a palm for my deck. I’m transforming it into my own little garden of Eden.

Labels with the chillins.

Love workin’ with these sweet kids!

Have a team in tomorrow from Alabama. Pray that goes well.

Miles and I went for a run and did some log throws and burpees. Whoosh! He’s hard to keep up with!



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