FBC Livingston, TN Trip!

Hello my wonderful friends!

Milo and I drove to Tennessee this weekend for a missions trip in Livingston. It turned out so much better than we had anticipated.

Kristen and Corey were both our age so it was fun to hang out with them and their little ones.

On Saturday night I spoke with the ladies group for about an hour. Then we had steak dinners back at Kristen’s. Milo really enjoyed cooking out with Corey. They own a huge cabin on about 36 acres I think. Really different from our way of life in Decatur.

Corey drove us over to his parents where we spent the night in our own private room near the sauna. Yeah, they spoiled us.

On Sunday morning we had coffee and watermelon before meeting the members at the church breakfast. They served this stuff called chocolate gravy over biscuits. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this!

We went to Sunday school then I spoke in the main service. For lunch we ate with the pastor and his wife before heading home.

After four hours of driving, we’re finally back. I went for a run, did the laundry and wrote my newsletter.

Miles and Jesse are out swimming so I’m going to do girly things like paint my nails.

Looking forward to the Agricola team tomorrow. Summer’s here, baby!





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