Temple BC to Global Mall and Madina

Hello there!

Guess what I found in my hanging basket this morning?

I can’t wait until they hatch!

Dad and I briefed the team on Islam and Hinduism.

Then we took them over to Global Mall to the Shiv Mandir Temple.

In Hinduism the swastika stands for the four stages of life. When your an infant, adolescent to middle age and old age. They believe that when the youth groups come to learn about different religious cultures they are old souls that have been reincarnated because it’s not until people grow older that they need to learn about God.

Next we visited Madina and enjoyed a lunch of schwarmas and samosas.

Did some recon on the tables and chairs at FBCD. We have a team of 172 eating there next week.

On to the missions! This team is super prayed up because as soon as they packed up and headed home it started a torrential down pour.



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