Moogs goes to the Vet

Woof! Hello friends!

Moogley and I went to the vet today. She had to get a health exam and an update on her vaccines. One of the great things about adopting from the Humane Society is that you get a $250 discount when you use one of their VCA clinics. Score! 

I’ve enjoyed having her as a close companion. We went for an early morning run and then to the dog park. It’s a great big fenced in area where she can run off the lease. Perfect for people like us who don’t have a back yard. 

Then we went to PetSmart to get her a collar and nameplate.

She even picked out her own rope toy. It was so cute to see her prance around the store with it.

She’s part of the family! 

Both my babies, tuckered out after a long day.



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