Farmer’s Market, Asian Square and Fun with the Kendalls

Hello there!

Dad and I talked with the Clements team today about Buddhism.

I liked Dad’s singing at the beginning. Then we all danced around the sanctuary praising the Lord.

On to the tours!

Then Missions!

Great to have my sweet husband along.

When Miles and I got home there were three refugee boys in our driveway picking out stones for their slingshots. We walked over to them and started making friends. I made them some balloon swords and Miles brought Moogs out.

Miles walked Moogs around the house and the boys followed saying, ” We’re hungry. I’m hungry.” When they got to Milo’s grill they asked if he knew how to cook. Miles talked about grilling out. They asked, ” Do you know how to cook bird?” Miles answered, ” Of course! I grill out chicken.” With that the older  boy pulled two dead birds from his pouch. ” I just hunted this, can you cook it?”

Had fun with Milo’s parents and sweet lil Isabella!

They crack me up!




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