Scouting Out Lodging

Hello there!

I’ve been loving making smoothies in my Nutribullet! This one has raspberries.

I worked on getting the financial report together and tried to start this application for Perimeter Church.

Worked on team logistics.

Sent out letters to partners.

Mo with her babies.

Talked with Edgar about bringing his team in June.

Put a note in the mail to update a client about website renewal.

Dropped my car off at T&G to get the oil changed and get a maintenance check. 

Dad and I met up and scouted out churches who have hosted teams with us in the past.


Had fun with the kids. I helped Luiz with his war essay and Kawsar with his Abraham Lincoln paper.





The kids are enjoying play Set with Dad and J.


Looking forward to Anna’s birthday party tomorrow and then speaking at Gateway BC Sunday.



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