Doctor Visit, Host Churches and Rabbit

Hello friends!

Went to the doctor today. I’m healthy as a horse.

Then talked with Jan Kennedy about hosting a card making class with our ESL students in April. Also discussed taking her SS Class on Tour this summer.

Heard back from Christ the King Lutheran church. They’re passing our information along to the senior pastor to see if they have space to host teams this summer.

Same thing with PCBC. They’re running the request up to the executive pastor.

Please be praying for that to all work out. The more space we have, the more teams we can bring in and the more teams we can bring in the more people we can reach.

Published today! It’s still a rough draft but my client is very pleased!

Went to T&G to help Miles get his car. The alternator was dead.

Stayed on this side of town today since I’ll be gone all weekend speaking at a DNow in Florida.

Miles and I are making rabbit for dinner!



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