Lavaca! Casa View! ACCCN!

Big group of 80 plus today! Had such a great time briefing them. Dad and I both get super wound up.

Fun time taking them around the farmer’s market.

Then missions!

Came home and updated the website.

Enjoying reading the God Ask fundraising book. I’m going to make about 720 calls to get to full support.

Moogie dog is SO spoiled! She sleeps in the bed on her own pillow. Thought her modular eating was funny.

Talked with Sharon from Park Village. Even got to pray with her.IMG_5601-M IMG_5604-M IMG_5587-M IMG_5583-M unnamed IMG_5524-M IMG_5532-M unnamed unnamed-1 IMG_5540-M unnamed-2 IMG_5554-M IMG_5591-M




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