Last day.

Hello Friends!

Today was the last day of Urban Plunge and our Fountain City Team. The kids are always SO teary eyed to see them go. :(

Always great to hear their testimony of what they do back home for Jesus though!

Had a great meeting with Jeff Reams from Dunwoody.

Dad and I toured the team around Plaza Fiesta, visited their 16 complexes and he even pumped up my tire! Thanks Dad!

Talked to a team from Moultrie.

Sent back some green curtain that Milo called, “hideous!”



unnamedIMG_5799-M IMG_5815-M IMG_5819-M IMG_5825-M IMG_5828-M IMG_5829-M IMG_5832-M IMG_5839-M IMG_5843-M IMG_5873-M IMG_5861-M IMG_5874-M IMG_5847-M


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