Had fun with a brand new team! They’ve never been on missions with us before. They’re a GREAT group from Atlanta Chinese Christian Church North West in Marietta.

Today we went to the farmer’s market. A few of the members showed me some of their favorite Chinese goodies like shrimp chips and dried squid.

Dropped them off at the missions before going to fix my tire. We found a nail in it last week. Also got my oil changed and mailed off a package.

While we were at Office Depot Dad saw his original Bengali family from years ago.

Working on setting up next weeks teams. We’re going to be SUPER busy. Please pray for clear coordination and planning.



IMG_6003-L IMG_6004-L IMG_5972-L IMG_5992-L IMG_5931-L IMG_5919-L IMG_5976-L IMG_5922-L IMG_5981-L IMG_5935-L IMG_5993-L IMG_6008-L IMG_6009-L

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