Clinch River to Plaza Fiesta!

Hey there!

Fun last day with the Clinch River peeps.

We learned about Catholisism and then explored Plaza Fiesta.

On to the missions.

I got to talk to a sweet little Bengali girl who’s participating in Ramadan this year. She said she woke up and was so thirsty that she broke the fast. Her catholic friends didn’t understand why. It was interesting .

Got home and cleaned the house.

Took Moogie for a walk.

Worked on inputing donations in Quickbooks and expenses.

Went to the Bank.

Wrote and mailed letters to supporters.

Packed up more tees and team pictures.

Ordered more tshirts for the teams.

Talked to FBC Arlington. They’re bringing a team! Woohoo!

Writing up and sending out emails to youth leaders. We can always use more teams!




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