Poplar Springs Drive BC, MS!


I had a great weekend competing in my first horse show. I won first place in the walk trot pattern. Yahoo!

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Sadly later that night our horse, Jimmy, started to colic. He couldn’t  chew compact alfalfa hay we gave him and his stomach started to choke. Anna took him to the university for the colic surgery. He’s doing great now! Praise the Lord and thank you for all your prayers.

unnamed-7 unnamed-6


Dad and I enjoyed working with the last team of the summer.

We took them over to the Farmer’s Market.

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Fun time at the missions.

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Had an interesting conversation with a Bengali student. She told me they fast to remember and feel what it feels like to be poor and hungry like those in Bangladesh.

Picked up the Newsletters.

"                               "

About to work on inputing expenses and checks into the financial report.

Found thirteen cents in dirty money :D

"                               "

Mended my Mexico jersey.


Mailed pictures to teams.


Enjoying my Bible Study.


We love our Moogie.

unnamed-4 unnamed-2



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