Long Walk! Groceries! Clean House! Facial! Cupcakes!

Hello friends!

Moogie and I had a long walk in Jolly neighborhood.

Poor girl scratched her ear so hard it bled.



unnamed-10 unnamed-9 unnamed-1

Printed out Anna’s Cosmetology license.

"                               "

Got groceries for the week and started dinner in the crockpot. I love how it makes the house smell homey.


"                               " "                               "

Anna treated me to a microdermabrasion chemical facial. My first one ever!

"                               "

Fixed my shoe with hot glue! Love that stuff!

"                               "

Came home and cleaned the house. Did laundry, cleaned dishes…

"                               " "                               " "                               " "                               "




Worked on my fundraising presentation and scripts.

"                               "

Visited the girls at the mission. We went to this cute little cupcake boutique. Then we walked around some antique shops. Looking forward to starting tutoring back up again on Monday. I’ve missed the chillies.

unnamed-2 unnamed-6 unnamed-3 unnamed-L unnamed-8 unnamed-4


Enjoying reading Ben Franklin’s autobiography. I never knew he spoke French, Spanish and could read Latin! What good have I done today?





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