Financial Report!

Hello friends!

Moogie was so funny this morning when she slipped out of bed.


I made pancakes for the first time in my life! They went really well with the spicy chorizo sausage.


Enjoyed catching up with the girls last night. I had the house decorated with the Union Jack.


Made my dentist appointment.


Worked on the financial report, inputing checks and donations into Quickbooks and updated our donation list.

unnamed-2 unnamed-1 unnamed-8


Mailed off support to partners and paid bills for Whirlwind.


Stopped for a spot of tea out of my Chatsworth mug from England.


Made phone calls.

unnamed-2 unnamed-1 unnamed

Deposited money at the bank.


Enjoyed working with chillies. Pamela was so cute asking if she could have her own Bible. my answer, “OF COURSE!”

unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-6





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