Visiting Churches! Missions!

Hello friends!

Enjoyed my time reading James this morning.

Took Moogie for a walk before working on the donation report.

Picked up tea at my favorite Clarkston store. Ahmed, the store owner, if very kind and showed me all his favorite tea mixes.

"                               "

Updated our calendar with summer teams.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 9.55.11 AM

Deposited money in the Whirlwind account.

"                               "

Made phone calls.

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Picked up the pictures I developed. It was fun to have real photos to flip through.

Meet Dad at FBCD and visited FBA, One Heart Church, First Alliance and Briarcliff BC.

"                               " "                               " "                               "



Helped Pamela at the mission with her coral reef project.




"                               "

"                               " "                               "






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