ESL with Adita and Mo, Mission, Lunch with Pastor Paul Millarc of Briarcliff BC 1.6.15

Hello friends!

Enjoyed visiting baby Daniel Jesus. He’s a month old today.


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Had a fun morning with Mo and Adita!

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Adita invited us to her house. She showed us how to make fried plantains the Guatemalan way with black refried beans and sour cream. YUM!

Had lunch with Pastor Paul Millarc of Briarcliff BC. Looking forward to a great block party with them soon.

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Deposited support at the bank.

Our Comfort Inn has changed ownership and is now Clarion. They’ve raised their prices so we’ve been going around to other hotels searching for better deals for our teams.

On to the mission. Today was the kid’s first day back.

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Talked to Linda Bright of Heritage BC. Looking forward to bringing their team on missions.


Left a message with Stephen Peeples about their team coming Jan. 31st for the block party.


Home now working on stuffing envelopes, organizing the financial report  and printing out insurance ID cards.



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