Banking! Dr! Ashley! Groceries! Mission!

Hello friends!

Mama and I drove out to Roopville Road BC in Carrolton to speak with Dad! He did AWESOME as always!

"                               "

Went and got groceries for the week. Looking forward to the Mexican corn and taco night! Thank you Father for a full fridge!

"                               "

Had to reschedule my Doctor appointment since my Doctor wasn’t there today. Stopped by to see Ashley! Haven’t seen her for about a month!


Did some banking for Whirlwind! Thank you SO much for our supporters. We can’t stay on the mission field without you!


Missions with the kids! We wrote stories today with our spelling words and did math problems.

"                               " "                               " "                               "

Stopped by Office Depot to pick up laminates for our team pictures.

About to cook dinner!



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