Newsletters! Groceries! Phone Call! Meatloaf!

Hello there!

Picked up, folded and mailed off the newsletters.

unnamed-2 unnamed-5

Banking and donations report for Whirlwind.


Got groceries. I love a full fridge.


Learned how to poach a chicken for my chicken tarragon sandwich with sweet potato soup. It was just a soup kinda day.


Made meatloaf and cumin carrots for dinner! I felt like Betty Crocker.


Laundry and phone call with Pastor Paul.


Sent Joan a paper work for Quickbooks. Slowly getting in order. Canceled our expensive membership for Joan’s executive one. We’ll save about $10 a month.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.23.26 PM

Wrote thank you notes to supporters and friends who came to P’s baby shower.


Milo and I took the carseat to get inspected but the Police department was closed. I have an appointment tomorrow at one with them. SOON! SOON I say! Penelope will be with us!



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