12 Stone! Dentist! Team!

Good evening!

Had a good time in bible study with my 12Stoners. P got pretty upset in the nursery so she sat in with us th last few minutes. She loves all the attention. Hmm reminds me of someone else I know. 

During the study we were given glow sticks. You know the ones you have to crack to make light up? I liked the example that sometimes we have to be broken to work. It’s the hard times, the whirlwind and storm times that we start looking up.  This is when God is working in us.

I’ve been praying for a summer team to come June 6-9, today I got a call from a church wanting to do missions with us. Guess what week they choose?


Dropped little P off and GiGis then on to the dentist. I have two baby cavities. Dang peanut M&M night cravings!

Cooked with Milo. 

Admin work. 



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