Future Plan

How to move people to action?


-William Simon Glover

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil



Do a little something for somebody. Even if they don’t need it.




Accountability? Do you need it? It helps me when I tell people my goals, I also have inner goals I keep to myself and I still happily apply effort.

Think about the Future Self. Take action from the future. Identify from the future. Generate the VISION! EXCITEMENT! EMOTION!

Abundance in the world.

Possible things are things we’ve already done. Achieve impossible things.

Must believe, tell you brain that it’s possible, expand your vision. Starts the thought process to belief.


Some people light their own fires and forage the way.


DAY TO DAY Protocol

I will make 25 offers today. I might fail in the result but I DID NOT fail taking the action of the protocol. I will continue to take action.


Fail my way there.


Are you willing to keep taking the action?

Believe the long game action. Build the momentum. Even when there’s no immediate evidence. Dismal results.



Thoughts for the day.

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!!



Ashley in Atlanta

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