The Texas Missionaries Come to Kensington

Jesse and I picked up Babu and went out to eat Mexican with him. I think this is the first time we’ve ever eaten with just him.

Picked up the ladies and we headed to Kensington.

We ran relay laps, played tug of war and jumprope before doing homework.

It was such a big help to have more volunteers help with homework.

Then Nana told a Bible story.

Then we passed out numbers and had a cupcake prize for the ones that were called.

For people who didn’t win cupcakes we had a huge candy toss.

Everyone swarms around candy.

I got some sad news that Mama Johnson and her family is leaving. She hasn’t told the younger kids yet but she told Selena the oldest middle schooler. Selena was NOT happy to hear she had to leave all her friends in the middle of the year and move to Tennessee. Please be praying for this family.

Good day overall.

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