I’m a REAL journalist now!

History Class. Nobodies been reading and Professor McGrath can tell. She lets up off the hook though. I should read tonight. Revolutionary war, baby!

Group projects today in the libray with Tasha and Stacey. Our topic is Disney, the Media Conclomerate. I’m begining research on all their products, Cruises to toys.

Attended the TAG (Transfer Admission Guarntee) Recruitment fair. This will be my senior year at Georgia Perimeter.

The most EXCITING part of the day. We got our new equipment! Six brand new Canon Rebels with zoom lens and FLiP video cameras. I had so much fun walking around campus meeting and gathering quotes for the rails in the newspaper.


Worked with the kids at Kensington. It’s so been cool out lately, really comfortable to sit outside on the picnic table and do homework together.

I helped Armondo do double digit math problems. 34×6. If you can help fifth graders do this,  you should be a missionary.

Home now writing and editing articles. I really want this to be an impressive issue since we’re taking it to nationals! Woop Woop.












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