Tova Rinah in Decatur


Hannah and I started with lunch at Pizza Cafe. I got a slice of Peperoni, Pineapple, Jalepeno and she got BBQ Chicken without chicken. Pizza is so good. I like to fold my pieces. How do you eat yours?

Then we drove down to Little Five points to look at the Bass Lofts which used to be an old 1920’s High school.

We meet David, a local shop owner in Little Five, who gave us a tour.

He had an accent so I asked, “Where are you from?” and he replied,” Nigeria.”

So I said, ” Oh! Bayoni!” Which means hello in Nigerian.

His mouth dropped and he got all excited, “Ohhh whaaat?!”

Learn some greetings in another language and really make foreigners feel at home.

Later, Hannah and I meet up with her cousin, Taylor, and her two friends River and Roane.

They are travelling cross country from Oregon and have been couch surfing all the way.

Around 9 we left to watch Tova, Hannah’s sister play an acoustic set at Java Monkey.



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