Thank You Notes

Spent time with Miles and His Dad. We ate at the Texas Roadhouse.

Miles is really interested in going to the International Luthiers Guitar Building school. He loves playing guitar and can really see himself working hands on with the instrument. The only catch is that the 3 month class costs $10,000. Today he weighed the pros and cons of attending the school with his dad.

James, Miles’ best friend is back in town from Knoxville, Tennessee for Thanksgiving.

Wrote some thank you cards. Do you want a card from your youngest missionary? Shoot me an email at with your home address and look forward to getting a homemade card.

Spent about an hour figuring out which classes I want to take.

I’ve taken 46 hours so far and only need 7 more classes to get my associated degree. I’m looking forward to transferring to Georgia State University in the Spring of 2012 and graduating with my Bachelors degree in Journalism by Fall 2014 if all goes according to plan.



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