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Snow Days


College has been cancelled this whole week because of the inclement weather. Fine by me! Miles and I are having a lot of fun walking the 2.5 miles back and forth from his house to mine.

The hill I live on was iced over so badly that Miles’ Jeep slide half way down and almost into the neighbors yard. Everyone came out to help shovel and throw kitty litter under the tires. Finally after 45 minutes the Jeep fishtailed up.

Once we were out we went to get him some new tires.

Miles and I were getting cabin fever so we called our friends up and met up at Pizza Cafe.

About 2 years ago Miles and I were chicken fighting on the monkey bars when I fell and landed on my knee. Every since then if I sit wrong it will pop out. That’s exactly what happened last night. So now I’m hobbling around. Please pray for my left knee.Thank you Dr. Miles for caring me around. His thoughts, “You’re a heavy lil stink.”

I just found out that The Collegian, my school’s newspaper that I was the editor-in-chief for, just got nominated for 11 Georgia College Press Association awards. WOO! Go us.

Anna and I walked and met each other at the library and then walked to my house. We edited this dance video that we’d taken over the summer. Mmm warm times.



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