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Fox 5 Studio Tour with Karen Graham

I had such a fun day touring the Fox 5 Atlanta studio with my journalism class.

We got a personal tour from Karen Graham, the anchor of Good Day Atlanta.

She showed us the producers’ work spaces, her reporter’s desk, and the control room.

My favorite part was being in front of the camera sitting in the actual news desk!

I even read lines from the prompter. Ms. Graham said I was a natural.

Then the whole class went to eat Moe’s together. I really enjoyed our field trip together.

Miles was off work today and came to the mission. Of course the girls were very happy to see him. They love to play with his silky soft hair.

Home now to finish up our Hajj speech for Human Communications tomorrow.



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Jesse Leaves for Oregon on Amtrak


Had TWO pop quizzes today. One in Human Communications and one in American Lit. Good thing I read the texts.

Then home for lunch before visiting the kids at the mission. Today we practiced rounding decimals and working on US states projects.

Had our last dinner together as a family since Jesse is leaving for his cross country road trip tonight.

Watch the video here.

About to read some Communications and interviewing homework.



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Eid at Azalea

Successful day at school. in Feature Writing we discussed the articles we’d printed out. Mine was about the U.S. helping Mexico crack down on crime by allowing Mexican agents to cross the border.

In Statistics it was almost TOO easy. All we did was histograms, Mean, Medium and Mode.

At lunch at Donnie’s and ran into Lee, Ashley’s boyfriend. He bought my lunch. Thanks Ashley and Lee! :)

I helped Luz, Micky, Fabiola and Angel today with geography homework.


Tonight is Eid, the Muslims holiday after Ramadan is ended. We had a lot of fun dressing up with the Bengali ladies and eating the food. Wow! They spice it up the right way. Yumbo!

Watch the video here of the ladies dressing up Amy.

The ladies loved dressing Amy up like their doll.

This baby is SO cute!

Niche dressed me up with her ulna or scarf.

Oh! The curry, coconut rice, beef and lemon zested sauces.

Even Miles and Jesse got into Punjabs.

Studied for my Human Communication Quiz tomorrow. Wish me luck!





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Atlanta Community Ministries Block Party

Nothing like a good block party to make for a great Saturday. The Atlanta Community Ministy came out to host three block parties in Roswell.

Shuggie came as the mission dog. She was pooped afterwards.

Watch the video here.

Lynsie and I had fun at Three Blind Mice. Watch our video.



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Homework and Dance with Lyn

I worked on labeling our gifts to the teams. Wish you were getting one? Send me a date your church can come do missions

Worked with the boys today. ( I had to sneak and take this of Mikey, he’s always hiding.)

Each one came in right after each other with the same fourth grade math worksheet. I’m good at adding 10,870 + 8546 and drawing trapezoids.

Played Brain Quest with the girls.

Tonight I meet Lynsie at the dance studio or Pilates and Dance. Her Mom and Sister which was fun.  I can really feel a difference in my flexibility and balance.



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Last Summer Team and Modern Dance

Well, Dad did his last briefing for the summer with the Mobilizing Students team from Oklahoma.

They had a great time at the Farmer’s Market.

But the best part is always the Missions with the kids.

It’s funny because last week Lynsie invited me to a Pilates. I loved everything and could follow along until we did some dance moves. Then I was just flailing around the floor.

Dottie, the teacher laughed and said, “Just keep moving, Ashley.”

So this week when I got to the studio I laughed when Lynsie told me we were doing Modern Dance instead. Hah! A whole 2 hours of dancing. I had a lot of fun trying something new that I’d never done before in my life, and even picked up some of the routine.

Check out the trailer I made of our girls night in last week.

Also, I’m really diggin’ Anjulie right now…



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Global Mall and Learning ENG

Samosas are a beautiful thing.

And even better with Chutney. The team ate it up! At least three members bought their own jars to take back home.

Madina, the North African market, is so cool. I’m constantly looking for new and interesting things.

After Madina, Dad and I took the team to Global Mall.Watch the video here.

Dad printed out a picture of one of the teams for the priest. He was SO happy he put it up in the front shrine area.

Dad taught me more about Electronic News Gathering (ENG) today and let me practice with the camera. I captured wideshots, up close subject shots and focused on letting my video tell the story.

After we got home we reviewed the tapes together and I learned more about filling the frame and how to better break the scene down into components.

Swam at the pool with Milo and then cooked burgers and burritos at his house.

Got my truck back. Rick, the mechanic, told us the radiator “blew up” and it will cost $950 to get the Expedition running again. Bad news. But Dad says not to worry but to trust in God to provide.



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CD Tower and Quesadillas

Dad started off with a briefing as always. Today he explained works religions and grace religions. Christianity is the only grace religion. God is SO good, how could we ever do anything that would measure up? Think about that.

First Mo and I took the Family BC to CD tower. The girls bought fans and chopsticks to stick in their hair and the guys bought num chucks and conical hats. (It’s surprisingly cool under this hat).

When we lived in Kenya, Mama used to go to the market and buy these little clippers and wrap them up for Jesse and I for Christmas. Oh CD Tower, you bring back such good memories.

Then I taught the team to tell the difference between Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese at Italy Optics. This is when I really feel like a tour guide. “Now, if you’ll look to your left you’ll see the first language written is Korean. See how its spaced out and mathematical looking…”

Next to My Dung Videos. (Which really stink…but nobody laughs at that joke.)

And on to the Chinese Pharmacy where Susan opens the drawers filled with mushroom stems, dried seahorses and Ginseng roots.

(Dad, don’t you think it’s funny we have the same taste in photography?)

The quesadillas at Carniceria Numero Uno were delicious today.

I got a new recipe for carne asada tacos so I decided that this Mexica tienda (store) would be great place to shop at. I can’t tell you how fun it was for me to ask for a pound of chopped steak in Spanish. The cook (Francis) asked surprised, “Tu hables Espanol?!” (You speak Spanish?!”)

“Si, pero yo necisito practicar mas …” (Yes, but I need to practice more.) He went on to ask where I lived and how long it took me to drive to his shop.

After I’d picked out my cebolla (onion), cilantro, tomatoe, ajo (garlic) and jalepanos I took my load up to the register.

“Hola sernora!” I acknowledged the young women behind the counter dressed in a black apron. As put my ingredients on the counter I practiced my Spanish.

“Uno cebolla, dos lemones, y come se dice  avocado in Espanol? ( how do you say avocado in Spanish?)”

“Oh you’re very smart!” She replied in Spanish. “Este es Aguacate”

She went on to ask in Spanish who I was cooking for. “Oh mi novio.” (My boyfried).

“Oh? What country is he from? Mexico?” She asked in Spanish grinning.

“No, soy de Georgia. El es uno Gringo” (No, he’s from Georgia. He’s a white boy.) I wink at her and we giggle together.

She laughed again and said it’s better to have men from Mexico, they enjoy your cooking more.

I checked out only spending 24 dollars on a whole meal that yields four. (My steak is marinating in cumin powder, lime and red chile powder right now. I can’t wait for supper tomorrow!)

The missions went great today. I love to see the Bengali mothers come and listen to the Bible stories.

And of course the kids love the teams.

This little girl wanted to play “monster tag” so bad! She giggled the whole time Kristy chased her around.

Running down Stone Mountain in the rain after work was one of the top ten best experiences of my life. The hot wind whipping at my feet combined with the cold hard droplets on my body…I felt like I could run forever there was so much Chi in the air.



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Cocoa Beach with the Kendalls Day One

Had fun yesterday with Jessica and Kylie.

This morning we woke up around 5:15. I woke up excited! “Is it time for the beach?”

I’m all packed up!

Drove from Atlanta, Ga to Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Read my Sookie book and slept.

Beautiful hotel room with a view.

This reminds me of home. Sweet ol’ little momo.

Salty, fried seafood dinner. Can’t beat that.


Love that view.

Look at that tiiiiiinnnnyy table…

And that teeny weeny car.

Miles Mo and me…the computer geek girls…



P.S. Make sure to check out the sibling road trip documentary here if you missed it.

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Missions Flame Last Day in Atlanta

Lunch with the whole family at our regular Friday spot; Red Robin…YUM!

I can’t wait to be laying in the sun on the white sand on Cocoa Beach, Florida with the new books I picked up after.

Enjoyed sitting in the shade with Niche, Michelle and Briana. Niche sat in my lap as Michelle played with my hair. Her little fingers would sometimes go in my ears as she pulled back my hair.

What’s one of the easiest way to round up kids?

Snow cones!

Packed for the beach vacation with Milo’s mom and dad tomorrow morning.

Finished my Sibling Road Trip Documentary! Take a peek here….



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I think it’s funny I categorize my days by the food we ate. But today was no exception. Samosa are triangular beef patties that taste amazing with mango chutney. Jesse got a traditional chewing stick to clean his teeth with afterward.

Muslims believe that Jesus, or Isa, was one of the prophets but not the Son of God.

After spicy triangular treats the team headed over to Global mall to experience the Hindu temple.

The “Inspirer” served the idols an array of spices.

Hindus believe that from age 0-25 you’re supposed to enjoy life, party and not really be interested in god. So when the young people from the teams come to the temple the Brahman says that they are “old souls” since they are interested in learning about spiritual things.

After visiting the temple we took the team to La Rumba, Mexican food buffet. Mucho grengos.

Next Dad, Glenda and I went to take pictures of teams.

My new food fave….YOGORIAAAAAA. Yum! There I go about food again.

Home again, home again.

Love, Ash

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Human Again


Hello my friends!

I’m back! Finally after fighting a strep throat for five days I finally feel human again.

(See the nasty white patches in the far back? Ouch! Makes it hurt to swallow just looking at it.)

Miles took me to the new Stone Mountain Laser Show. They actually throw really pictures up on the Rock.




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Gator Bites and the Movie Part 2

Had fun hanging with my Dad.

Climbed up Stone Mountain, ran down Stone Mountain then jumped in the pool. What a perfect reward after a hot run.

Jessica bought  some new workout shoes.

Ashley’s Cooking Channel

Fried some Alligator fillets marinated in Teriyaki, red and garlic pepper with a squirt of lemon juice.

Mmm..plantains crisped in butter in the pan.

Miles got the Alcove Coffee shop! Thanks to everyone’s prayers.

Went to the movies with Miles, Anna and Justin.


I liked this piece of buttered corn.



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Bengali Bar B Que

Went to the GPC Reads event today. The featured book for this month is The Sweet In0Between by Sheri Reynolds. She’ll be coming in October.

We got our Anthropology tests back today. 92! Yeah, baby!

Mexican food with Miles, Mo and Jbones.We laughed and laughed over this video…

If you liked that you’ll love this website

Miles, Mo and I had a great visit with Mohosana and her mom. She cooked kabobs and talked to us about her Bengali culture and learning to cook from her mother.

In this next video Mohosana’s mom sat down on a little wooden stool and pulled out a shear used for chopping vegetables from under the sink. She grips with her toes and chops with her hands.

Later on they invited us to an anniversary party for their friends.

As the sun went down all the Bengali people living at Azalea place gathered around the mailboxes and fired up the grill.

BBQ peppered chicken, beef with Soy sauce, fresh vegetables and juicy slices of watermelon.

The kids played four square in the streets.

I meet some of the new families, one girl imparticular had a big impact on me. Her name is Miriam but she goes by Mim. We had just finished a game of four square and were sitting around the smoking grill on fold out chairs.

“You’re a Christian ?” She asked with BBQ sauce smeared on her lips.

” Yes, I am.” I smile back.

“I’m Muslim.”

“We still have a lot of things in common though. Like you know Isa? He’s one of your profits. To Christians his name is Jesus.”

“You know who Allah is?” She takes another bite of the steak.

“Allah is your God.”

It’s at this point that little Rahat starts poking me with his little greasy finger. I turn to him and he tells me this is his seventh chicken breast!

I turn back toward Mim but the moments lost.

Please pray that she and her family will come get involved in the mission.

Otherwise the whole night was a big success. Miles made friends with the men and I meet with the mothers and daughters. I felt like we were a real missionary team.

I’m meeting with the graduation advisor tomorrow!



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Shelby Crossing’s College Ministry Team


Mo and I drove over to Rehobeth BC to give a briefing to the Shelby Crossings team from Birmingham, Alabama.

We gave them a tour around the international village of Clarkston. We prayed in the mosque parking lot and then then drove over to Halal Pizza where the guys in the group sat and discussed religion with the Muslim men there. Later I found out that the men actually about the team their lunch. It’s all about relationships!

The girls and I went to Madina for some roast goat action. Everyone seemed to like it even though it was a little outside of their comfort box.

They worked on shoveling wood chips into the playground area at Clarkston Oaks apartments.

Later they drove over to Azalea, Highland Gardens and Huntington Terraces for their ministry outreach time.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with them for church tomorrow at CIBC.



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Yay! Yay! Jesse’s Home


I’m really enjoying my classes and being back on a regular schedule. I’m taking Business Information Systems, World History to 1500, Basic News Writing and Anthropology.

Today we watched this video before World History.

Miles and I went to the International Market and picked out some fresh Red Snapper and green beans. We fried it up with some Asian inspired marmalade. So good but the kitchen smell like a fish market.

Jesse and Colleen got in late last night from New England. I’m happy to have him home again. I used to think it’d be nice to be an only child but after two months of it I like sharing the offspring responsibility.

Had fun with the kids at the Azalea today.

They made some cute drawings of Mr. Tim.



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Peachtree Corners Baptist Church Missions Conference


Heather, Ashley and I had fun jamming with the boys last night. My rhythm is getting a lot better but I still can’t play, sing and strum at the same time.

Ziggie, Heather’s rescued poodle, was the life of the party. In the morning he was so excited to get to go outside.

Mo and I drove out to PCBC to set up our missions display.

Then we went and spoke to the young marrieds Sunday school class.

Home now to work on some homework. Already?! I know… and I have 5 months to go.

My knee is healed! Hallelujah! It feels so good to be able to do things on my own again. Thanks for all your prayers.
Dad is still feeling dizzy. But he bucked up and went to speak at the missions dinner tonight. Please be praying for him.

Jesse is headed home tomorrow with his new girlfriend, Colleen. Woop woop!


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Injuries give you more time

My knee is feeling a lot better. Thank you for all your prayers. I have a feeling by tomorrow I’ll be able to walk again pain free to Anthropology class.

Lying in bed, feeling like Frida, I’ve found out that injuries can sometimes give you more…

Injuries give you more time to write. I’m still working on my short story The Postcard. Hopefully I can find an ending by the end of January.

Injuries give you more time to play music. I learned how to read tab so now I can work my way through new songs.

It’s like uncodeing a mystery with musical notes. I’m working on The Beatles’ Day Tripper.I like to watch my hands learn this new skill. Jesse was right when he said it’s an emotional release.

Injuries give you more time to read and create. I’ve  read You Can Do It! and created a want-to-do-list with things on it like swim with manatees, learn guitar, write a book, and go sky diving.

I had time to curl my hair.

Injuries give you more time to watch movies. I’m getting into French  films. It’s fun to listen for words that I grew up hearing in Tour, France as a little girl.

Lately, I’ve watched Amelie, A Very Long Engagement, Au Revior Les Enfants and Entre Nos. The first two were great  directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I’d recommended them if you like reading your movies.. Entre Nos, a Spanish film, not so much.

A Very Long Engagement is my new favorite love story.

Even though injuries give you more time to do things, I’m looking forward to doing more things outside these four walls.



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Snow Days


College has been cancelled this whole week because of the inclement weather. Fine by me! Miles and I are having a lot of fun walking the 2.5 miles back and forth from his house to mine.

The hill I live on was iced over so badly that Miles’ Jeep slide half way down and almost into the neighbors yard. Everyone came out to help shovel and throw kitty litter under the tires. Finally after 45 minutes the Jeep fishtailed up.

Once we were out we went to get him some new tires.

Miles and I were getting cabin fever so we called our friends up and met up at Pizza Cafe.

About 2 years ago Miles and I were chicken fighting on the monkey bars when I fell and landed on my knee. Every since then if I sit wrong it will pop out. That’s exactly what happened last night. So now I’m hobbling around. Please pray for my left knee.Thank you Dr. Miles for caring me around. His thoughts, “You’re a heavy lil stink.”

I just found out that The Collegian, my school’s newspaper that I was the editor-in-chief for, just got nominated for 11 Georgia College Press Association awards. WOO! Go us.

Anna and I walked and met each other at the library and then walked to my house. We edited this dance video that we’d taken over the summer. Mmm warm times.



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My Room

What a rainy cold day today. And to make it even worse Daddy’s sick. He’s been really dizzy lately and throwing up. Please be praying for him.

Another prayer request is from Olivia Hunt, my cousin in Texas. She’s 6 months pregnant with her second baby girl when her amniotic fluids (what the baby floats in) started leaking. She was rushed to the hospital that night and was told she may have to stay here for 7 weeks! Her comment, “I didn’t know bed rest could be so…tiring.”

Lift up a prayer for them. I can’t imagine anything more frightening than your wife and baby in the hospital fighting to live.

Lord, Please put a shield of protection around my Dad and Olivia. Heal them with your amazing powers. Let all the medicines be affective and get both of them feeling strong and productive again. Amen.

I picked up my Expedition from T&G Automotive today. it cost a whopping $768 for a tune up and ignition coil. Next I have to get all new tires. It’s expensive being a grownup!

On a lighter note…for the video part of my blog I thought I’d give you a tour of my room. Miles and I finished building the headboard and I’m proud to show it off.

Going to do my first presite tour with some visiting team leaders tomorrow. Wish me luck!