Virgina Tech and The Solar System


Jesse and I meet up with Mo at Madina. We got chop chop chicken and chapaties. Mohomed, an older AFrican man that works there, even gave me a hug.

Jesse and I went to Bank of America so J could get some information about his credit card. Then over to Walmart for some basic supplies.

I worked on my Business Information Systems take home test. I’m really glad it’s take home because these questions are hard!

Jesse’s got an earache so he and Mo went to see Dr. Pat and I went to Azalea.

I played SuperMario Party with the kids. I was Donkey Kong and I lost to Peach every time.

The Virginia Tech team painted and told a Bible story to the kids.

Some of them helped Jhon with his Solar System project. Looks great!

It was cold out today but the kids still like to play soccer outside.



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