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Shelby Crossing’s College Ministry Team


Mo and I drove over to Rehobeth BC to give a briefing to the Shelby Crossings team from Birmingham, Alabama.

We gave them a tour around the international village of Clarkston. We prayed in the mosque parking lot and then then drove over to Halal Pizza where the guys in the group sat and discussed religion with the Muslim men there. Later I found out that the men actually about the team their lunch. It’s all about relationships!

The girls and I went to Madina for some roast goat action. Everyone seemed to like it even though it was a little outside of their comfort box.

They worked on shoveling wood chips into the playground area at Clarkston Oaks apartments.

Later they drove over to Azalea, Highland Gardens and Huntington Terraces for their ministry outreach time.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with them for church tomorrow at CIBC.



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