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Bengali Bar B Que

Went to the GPC Reads event today. The featured book for this month is The Sweet In0Between by Sheri Reynolds. She’ll be coming in October.

We got our Anthropology tests back today. 92! Yeah, baby!

Mexican food with Miles, Mo and Jbones.We laughed and laughed over this video…

If you liked that you’ll love this website

Miles, Mo and I had a great visit with Mohosana and her mom. She cooked kabobs and talked to us about her Bengali culture and learning to cook from her mother.

In this next video Mohosana’s mom sat down on a little wooden stool and pulled out a shear used for chopping vegetables from under the sink. She grips with her toes and chops with her hands.

Later on they invited us to an anniversary party for their friends.

As the sun went down all the Bengali people living at Azalea place gathered around the mailboxes and fired up the grill.

BBQ peppered chicken, beef with Soy sauce, fresh vegetables and juicy slices of watermelon.

The kids played four square in the streets.

I meet some of the new families, one girl imparticular had a big impact on me. Her name is Miriam but she goes by Mim. We had just finished a game of four square and were sitting around the smoking grill on fold out chairs.

“You’re a Christian ?” She asked with BBQ sauce smeared on her lips.

” Yes, I am.” I smile back.

“I’m Muslim.”

“We still have a lot of things in common though. Like you know Isa? He’s one of your profits. To Christians his name is Jesus.”

“You know who Allah is?” She takes another bite of the steak.

“Allah is your God.”

It’s at this point that little Rahat starts poking me with his little greasy finger. I turn to him and he tells me this is his seventh chicken breast!

I turn back toward Mim but the moments lost.

Please pray that she and her family will come get involved in the mission.

Otherwise the whole night was a big success. Miles made friends with the men and I meet with the mothers and daughters. I felt like we were a real missionary team.

I’m meeting with the graduation advisor tomorrow!



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